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A Platform Full of Opportunities for Artists and Clients

Voicebros is a platform that provides online voiceover services, bringing together artists looking to enter the world of voiceover and clients seeking professional voiceovers for their projects. By joining Voicebros, you can become a part of this dynamic world.

Membership for Artists:

  1. Profile Creation: Those aspiring to be artists can create a profile on Voicebros for free. In this profile, they can showcase their talents, experiences, and previous voiceover projects.

  2. Portfolio Showcase: Artists can present their voiceover samples and works by adding them to their portfolios, allowing them to demonstrate their skills to potential clients.

  3. Setting Prices: Artists can determine their own pricing for the voiceover services they offer. This provides clients with various options to choose from based on different budgets.

Membership for Clients:

  1. Profile Creation: Clients can register for Voicebros for free and create their profiles, where they can share information about their needs and projects.

  2. Find Artists: Clients can search for suitable artists based on their criteria using the "Find Artists" option and choose the perfect voice for their projects. Detailed filtering options ensure the best fit.

  3. Request Custom Quotes: Clients can request custom quotes tailored to a specific project, allowing them to obtain price options that align with their budgets. This helps clients shape their projects effectively.

Join Voicebros to discover your potential in the voiceover world and find the perfect voice for your projects. In this dynamic platform we provide for both artists and clients, make your voice heard and step into successful collaborations!