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Hiya! I'm JoelD, a good option for a Spanish Conversational Voice Over Artist. If you are looking for a dynamic, close and empathetic sound, I offer a Voice-Over product with strategic vision; a perfect record for voice talent projects. You find me in GMT +2 (Spain). Conversational, hispanic, explainer, commercial or friendly are some of the records that allow me to explore this exciting profession that I enjoy every day. I also love exploring other registers of voice for creating awesome projects in sound branding for explainer videos, commercial ads, e-learning presentations, radiophonic ads, corporate videos, TV promos and more with a natural voice. I'm Bilingual, in Spanish (Iberian) and Catalan (with a beautiful regional accent of Valencia City). I approach each script concisely, with the need to create a sound project that manages to communicate your goals in a calm and frank way. Check the voice demos, the price per word and... set up a new project! I'M READY FOR YOUR CASTING, OR IF YOU HAVE IT CLEAR, BOOK ME NOW! I hope we'll work together to give you a good read that drives your project! ILOFYU! DUYULOFMITU?
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25-40 Years Nice, Kind & Cool Voice. European & LatAm Spanish accent.
Contact me via phone +52 33 1026 3814 (México), [email protected] or through my website


Commercial gigs, a documentary narrator, e-learning trainer, corporate narration... Well, I can be your man, your close friend with an irreverent spark, or your trusted teacher.


My purpose is to make your project easier with the best results. I deliver a really excellent and professional sound from my booth, with a natural and friendly personality.


►European & LatAm Spanish accents jobs.
►Free audio sample (demo) of your script.
►Adapt (in a castilian-to-LatAm or LatAm-to-castilian case) and translate your script.
►Reasonable and competitive prices.
►Professional high quality audio job in any format. Edited & clean.
►24 hours delivery or less in most projects (obviously, it depends on project length ;-))
►Match tone and message to audience.


Born & raised in Spain, I started my voiceover career on radio, TV and professional dubbing studios on 2003. Later, on 2009, I moved to México and leave the mic off for 7 years. On 2017 my wife (wisely) pushed me to continue with my passion. And that was what I did.

I set up my own professional home studio and decide to learn the latin-american spanish accent. At the moment there´s not many voiceovers able to work on both accents. That was a huge challenge for me. But I realized that to speak on the two major spanish accents, it would double my job opportunities. And I was really fascinated with the latin-american voiceovers method!

I was coached by some of the most remarkable LatAm voiceovers: Simone Fojgiel, Verónica Treviño, Olivia Mercenario and Guillermo Urzúa.

Now, I´m able to work for you on booth accents, so you don´t need to hire two VOs for the same job.

It will be my pleasure to know about your project soon!


-Preamp. Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen.
-SONY MDR-7506 Headphones
-Adobe Audition CC 2019
-Intel i5 / 16 RAM Gb
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Locutora profesional en catalán y castellano con más de 20 años de experiencia y estudio propio profesional, amplia disponibilidad, flexibilidad e inmediatez.
He locutado documentales, programas, corporativos, e-learnings, megafonías, spots, cuñas, centralitas o audiolibros... tanto en castellano (castilian, european) como en catalán (estándar, con el certificado de TV3 para poner voces a cualquier tipo de trabajo en catalán).
Aquí están algunos de mis clientes:
Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Sagrada Família, Ayuntamiento de Vitoria, Qatar Airways, Heinken, Lexus, Prosegur, Bankia, BBVA, la Caixa, Banc Sabadell, Ducray, Acuvue, Blemis, Pharmalife, Blemil, Boehringer Ingelhaim, Ed Punset, Ed Cruïlla, UPF, UOC, Agbar, DCV, Cosmocaixa, Tampax, Caprabo, Carrefour, La Maquinista, Media Markt, Leroy Merlin, Cáritas, Cruïlla de Cultures...

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Mi nombre es Jonathan Serrano. Soy locutor, actor de doblaje y productor. Me dedico a la locución profesional de spots en radio, internet y televisión. Mi voz es versátil y dispongo de diferentes registros.
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Soy Begonya Ferrer. Actriz con más de 20 años de experiencia en el escenario y en diferentes emisoras de radio. Ya que tengo formación en los dos sectores. He trabajado en doblaje y publicidad para grandes marcas como Amazon, Sanex, Booking, Iberia, Taurus, Alexa entre muchos otros. Además de todo tipo de trabajos de voz como documentales, videojuegos, animaciones, videos corporativos, audioguías, audilibros, voicemessage, etc. Pueden consultar mi web para más referencia Dispongo de una licencia Source Connect en caso de que la necesiten. Tengo mi propio estudio de grabación y puedo proporcionar material de buena calidad.
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My name is Marina Mollá ( and I hold a BA in Media and Communication. I've been working in the voice over field since 2010. My main areas of expertise are corporate videos, commercials for radio and TV, elearning and tutorials, IVR and phone systems, trailers and promos. BRANDS I've worked for: GOOGLE, ALEXA, IKEA, ANETO, REPSOL, KAYAK, VOLVO, NISSAN, NORWEGIAN AIRLINES, etc.
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Hello there! My name is M. Paz, I’m a professional voice and dubbing actress based in Madrid with 20 years experience in the industry, a fully equipped and soundproofed studio (Studiobricks) that ensures you the highest quality audio for your project, and a versatile voice perfect for corporate, educational and entertainment projects as well as recordings that require children’s voices and dubbing&lip-sync. I am also a writer, audio content creator, voiceover coach, proofreader and translator from English to Spanish ... I am passionate about voice, culture and communication! That is why my areas of experience and specialization in voice over are diverse. This, coupled with the versatility of my voice, a keen eye (and ear) for detail, and a strong work ethic, allows me to tackle any project with ease, whatever the subject, and I can not only quickly understand the text but that, also, I can incorporate instructions and offer alternatives to assure myself that I give your project the life you want in the shortest possible time. I've worked for companies like Google, American Express, Netflix, Storytel, Orange, Vodafone, ACNUR (UNHCR), National Geographic Channel, Cosmo TV, RTVE, FIFPRO, History Channel España...
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I want to get to know your project and what message you want to convey in depth in order to give you the best voice over possible. And I like to perfect every detail of the voice over, from recording to editing, so that you are 100% satisfied with the results. I have a youthful and energetic voice (ideal for this multimedia age in which the largest audience is young people), and versatile. Because of this, I can perform very different voices according to your project needs: teenager, adult, serious, informal, elegant, funny, etc. And I have worked for small companies, and huge brands like Nickelodeon, MTV, Paramount, American Express, Sanex, Activision, Metlife, Spanish Basketball Federation, TicketMaster, Ray-Ban, Amazon, etc. If you have any question, feel free to contact me! And you can find more demos, works and info in my website:
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Vivo en Madrid capital y hace un año que decidí montar mi estudio en casa porque empecé a recibir bastantes ofertas de trabajo. Mi formación es actoral, 5 años de locución, fonética y dicción. He trabajado para productoras de publicidad en Barcelona y actualmente para clientes como Rne. Dicen que mi voz no se olvida y tampoco se encuentra fácilmente, es una voz poco común de mujer. Soy muy rápida con los tonos y cambiando el énfasis de los textos, así como añadiendo todas las intenciones para que estos sean entendidos a la perfección.
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Más de 10 años de experiencia en distintas radios españolas. Voz del asistente virtual de los telefonos móviles Huawei (Celia). Voz del canal de Youtube de la marca Detersolín, spots de TV, vídeos corporativos, anuncios para el gobierno catalán, tutoriales, cuñas de radio
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İspanyolca Hint Avrupa Dil Ailesindendir. Romen ve İtalik Dillerdendir. İspanyolca ya da Kastilya dili romen dillerinden biridir. İspanyanın Kastilya bölgesine dayanır kökeni. 480 milyon kişinin anadili olarak konuştuğu ispanyolca dünyada en çok konuşulan 2.diller arasındadır. VoiceBros Anadili İspanyolca olan Ünlü ispanyolca Seslendirmenler ile Projelerinizin Sesini Duyurun. İspanyolca Seslendirme ihtiyacınız mı var. VoiceBros’da İspanyolca Seslendirme aradığınız en Profesyonel Seslendirme Platformu Ana dilde İspanyolca Seslendirme seçenekleri Sunmaktadır. Dünyanın En Büyük Seslendirme Platformlarından VoiceBros Size Güvenilir ve Hızlı Seslendirme Hizmeti Sunar. İspanyolca Seslendirme Yapan Sanatçıların demolarını adresimizden inceleyebilirsiniz. Profesyonel ve alanında uzman seslendirmenlerimizle Projelerinizi Kolaylıklar oluşturabilirsiniz. Voicebros’ta İspanyolca dilinde seslendirmenin bir çok aksanını bulmak mümkün. Arjantin, Kastilya (İspanya), Kolombiya, Latin Amerika, Meksika, Peru, Porto Riko, Şili, Venezuela,… gibi bir çok aksan da seslendirmeye ulaşmak mümkün.